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The Oregon Coast Aquarium is located in Newport, Oregon. The aquarium is situated on 23 acres along Yaquina Bay. The aquarium was a home to Keiko, the rockstar orca who starred in the Free Willy movie. Coastal Living magazine ranks the it as one of the top ten aquariums in North America.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

We give this beautiful Newport Oregon aquarium 5 stars! While itís not the largest saltwater educational attraction weíve visited, it is one of the nicest. (try visiting an inland, big-city aquarium for comparison) The Oregon Coast Aquarium is modern, clean and safe for young children who excitedly break away from their parents and run to see the next exhibit.

Beginning with the friendly parking lot and beautiful entrance, visitors are welcomed via a coastal fir forest and stream as they walk toward the high-beamed entrance of the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Most of the exhibits are permanent and indicative of the sea life found around Oregonís central coastline. A walk through the 3 ecosystems in Passages of the Deep is a favorite of ours. The spacious underwater tubes show sea-life in its natural environment, from reef, to flats, and into the deep sea.

The Swampland exhibit is another favorite. The colorful Poison Dart Frogs greet us, yet when we turn to the center of the room we are met by huge Anacondas.

Plan to spend time outside as well as inside during your visit. There are many feedings scheduled throughout the day that you can watch from windows in the sides of water-filled enclosures. For example, the always entertaining Sea Otters are fed 3 times during visiting hours.

For all the information youíll require to enjoy the Oregon Coast Aquarium, in Newport Oregon.

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